Eu nunca re-bloguei nenhum post, mas este merece. É sobre o Banksy em Nova York, e o caminhão cheio de animais fofinhos de pelúcia supostamente a caminho do matadouro.
A fonte é um outro artista que sigo já há algum tempo, o qual faz uns desenhos e pinturas maravilhosos.


Banksy, the elusive British street artist is in New York this week, where amongst other things he hired a street vendor and set up a stall in Central Park selling his original artworks for only $60’00 each. Apparently only a few people bought the works thinking it to be a hoax. What I loved even more was the slaughterhouse delivery truck traveling the Meatpacking district, full of cute, stuffed, squeaking animals. Have a look at the video here. I love Banksy’s work which compels us to confront the hypocrisies and cruelties of modern society, while at the same time making us smile. It is all credit to him, that in our celebrity obsessed culture he still chooses to remain anonymous. He must be the most famous unknown person. Meat_Truck.04plusheats-01Banksy

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